Teaser-Trailer for Upcoming Directorial Feature film, The Extraordinary Ordinary

A few years after a traumatic high school experience, a young photography student moves across the country from New York to Southern California in search of a fresh start. She quickly finds that she is not alone in her struggles with anxiety and depression and learns that the road to recovery is paved with more love, understanding, and community than she ever could have imagined. "The Extraordinary Ordinary" is a gripping and heartwarming narrative that seeks to challenge the stigmas associate with mental health, trauma, and recovery and recognize the courage of those young adults struggling in silence everywhere.
Starring: Maddison Bullock, Alex Montalban, John Posey, Ana Marte, Della Lisi Kerr, James Elden Sauer, and Victoria Taylor.
Written/Directed/Executive Produced by Natalie Rodriguez
Produced by Maddison Bullock, Larry Minion, and Natalie Rodriguez
Director of Photography: Trevor Roach
Teaser-Trailer & Assembled Edited by Jared Boghosian
Edited, Colored & Sound Designed by Daryl R. Hall
Assistant Edited by Hunter Lewis
Co-Produced by Shaun Guzman and Melina Valdez
Associate Producers: Enrique Buenrostro, Jeff Vernon, Erin C. Hawkins, Tatiana Samano, and Ambar Kaiser

Dramatic Reel

The Extraordinary Ordinary: Erica & Alex 

  • A photographer and a musician confide in each other when one of them has a panic attack. 

    • Starring Maddison Bullock (“Ice the Movie”) and Jesse Posey (“Selena”)

    • Official Selection at Hollyshorts Film Festival Monthly Screener

    • Quarter-Finalist at NALIP: Latino Lens


  • The bond between two sisters is put to the test when one of them must say goodbye to the other.

    • Official Selection at Collective International Film Festival

    • Official Selection at Fan Boy Film Festival

The Scars of Our Lives

  • Two strangers encounter at a bus stop and realize that they share a similar past when one of them sees a scar on the other's wrist.

    • Official Selection at Fan Boys Film Festival​

The Extraordinary Ordinary: Bianca & Erica

  • Three college students bond over life and discuss the stigmas that come with mental health disorders and recovery.

Comedy Reel

Howard Original

  • A writer encounters with more than just selling a story and writer's block when his pet cat comes to life.

    • Official Selection at Culver City Film Festival (Best Narrative Short)

    • Quarter-Finalist at Oregon Short Film Festival

The C-quel

  • The saga continues with Omari and Calvin who awaken after a hard night of partying and dealing with the aftermath of heartbreak and loss. Sequel to "The D" (2017).

The D

  • A twenty-something-year-old cannot enjoy a kickback that his friends force him to have because his ex-girlfriend starts blasting "revenge" posts on social media

    • Official Selection at Indie Night Film Festival

    • Official Selection at IndieFest Film Awards - Best Director Nominee

    • Official Selection at Digital Box Office Awards & Screening Series

Code Red

  • A young girl gets her period for the first time and must confront a family tragedy.

    • Official Selection at Digital Box Office Awards & Screening Series

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